Rebel Squadrons Historical Office

Welcome to the Historical Office of the Rebel Squadrons. The chief Historical Officer is Fleet Admiral Super. The Historical Office houses a database of the history of Rebel Squadrons, including numerous files and links that relate the club from current events to its early years dating back to 1994.

The Historical Office was first introduced in 1998 under ADM Castor Efrata-Landis for the purpose of archiving Rebel Squadrons history. It has since been drastically expanded in scope and capacity. This office currently handles Rebel Squadrons history from the perspective of either Out-Of-Character or Real Life, meaning it records actual non-fictional events related to the club. A fictional record may someday be attempted, likely in conjunction with efforts of the Rebel Squadrons Wiki.

Current events within the Historical Office

  • FA Super returns as the Historical Officer, January 2009; he last occupied this chair in 1998.
  • An account of April Fool's, 2007 has been uploaded here.
  • Ancient Red Squadron site materials found; more materials will soon be placed here.
  • Allston/Stackpole Logs are being processed and will hopefully be up soon.
  • Individual Fleet Histories page updated.

Site last updated Feb 1, 2009, by FA Super. Further updates to follow.

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