Retribution History

Retribution Fleet History
by Adam Fene

I dedicate this Historical Article to Dev, whom was probably the greatest R2F Commanding Officer in its long challenging history. I'm sorry if I let you down Dev. You taught me something even after you were gone, that every Commanding Officer should keep in mind. Line of Sucession, the one that will take command long after you're gone. This is where I failed, and I'm sorry.

The Start

The Retribution Fleet was a project started by Dialathos among others, in 1996. The Fleet started out as most Fleets start out, as a Wing. That first wing has survived even to present time. Storm Wing. The Wing itself probably has more history than the Fleet does, but I won't go into that right now.

The first squadrons were of course, in Storm Wing. No one is exactly sure of the first Squadron in existance within R2F, but I've talked to many people and all their fingers seem to point toward Phantom or Shadow Squadron. There was a lot of hype about the new Star Wars flight simulator, TIE Fighter, and the Wing (Fleet) got on its feet in no time. It's probably one of the best Star Wars Flight Simulators even by todays standards, in storyline and gameplay.

Following Phantom and Shadow Squadron, numerous others emerged. In 1997, Wriath Squadron formed under Sentry, another late great Commander. (Later on I believe he got addicted to Aurora Force and writing.) So the Fleet had at least three squadrons by 1997, more probably sprung up that no one remembers.

They flew ITODs, but not like how we do today. There was no "Fleet ITOD" back then, as it was a new concept. Instead each Squadron ran independantly, running their own ITOD's. So you can imagine how active these Squadrons were to be able to do this. On one note, some veterans say it was a lot more fun doing it that way, in the good old days, than doing it the new way where the entire fleet competes. I guess that's another story however.

The Defcon Era

Retribution Fleet (R2F) soared to great heights during Dialathos Command. I believe he served about 2 years before he gave Command to RS Tom C, a great young prospect. Not much is known about his stay in command except for maybe his enthusiasm, as I've heard many times how much of a good person he was. His stay in command was short by my estimate, as Defcon was appointed the new Retribution Fleet Commander sometime during 1998.

People have called this the dark age of Retribution Fleet. Activity sunk to a low during his stay. Not immediately, but gradually over time the Fleet withered. Not much can be said about this time. There's some website trails here and there, but not a lot is said. During his stay, he may have introduced a fleetwide ITOD, but details are sketchy once again, of this era.

So now during this time, the R2F was heading towards its grave.

Mon Remona

So the R2F was in peril. Not as bad as you're thinking, I didn't mean to down talk Defcon too much. (Yeah..I did..) So Mon Remona was appointed to Command R2F in December of 1998. With him came new ideas, and new activity. You could say he saved the R2F, but that maybe going too far. What he did do was offer a fleet Campaign. I'm not exactly sure how well it turned out, I wasn't around during this time, but it looked quite interesting.

Mon Remona was heavily involved with the Renegade Fleet, which used X-wing vs TIE Fighter. They flew Multiplayer campaings. So it is my best guess that he transfered this idea from RgF and brought it into the Retribution Fleet. I've read some old Newsletters regarding this, and it didn't seem like it went too far. However, on a good note, activity did pick up during his time.


Some people called him "Biggy", and moving along in history, he somehow gained command of the R2F. By now, Fleet ITOD's were in full swing, and he made some very thrilling missions. I estimate that he took command sometime during 1999, probably around June or July.

During this time, the RS was going through a lot of change itself, as XvT and XWA were rising in popularity. Once again, I can't say much about this era. I'm actually hoping someone that was there during that time will step forward and write additions to these articles and tell their stories.

Dev's R2F

I would say that the R2F had two great climaxes in its history. When it started in 1996, and by the time Dev retired from R2F CO in 2001. He kept the R2F steadily busy, always producing missions each month. Keeping the TIE Academy constantly on their toes for new members (not enough can be said for the TIE Academy staff, they were great!) which in turn kept producing greater and greater activity within R2F.

At this time the ever witty Trace was his XO, whom I'm guessing just handled the website. He didn't really do much else. But then Trace retired, and that left the position open. With a leap of faith (haha) he took a young lad by the name of Adam Fene under his wing. Adam Fene, or "Vender" proved himself by running Storm Wing at peak efficiency, always producing maximum activity. (Bethan, Nichos, and a few others had a -lot- to do with this as well.)

This is where a great climax happened. With an extremely over-active XO, Dev was able to focus on many problems riddling the R2F and on HC, while his XO made missions or wrote News Letters and so on. The Fleet was as happy as could be, running as good as it could be. Which is saying a lot, playing an Imperial-style game in a Rebel club.

But all good things do end. With his knowledge passed onto Fene, it was time for him to retire and focus on life.

Vender's R2F

Yeah, that's me. Adam "Vender" Fene. I took the bull by the horns, and probably made a lot of risky calls. However, during this time it only seemed to benefit. Fleet activity was constant, always high. More medals were introduced, as well as graphics for the medals produced. An R2F ITOD site was also established, to go farther in-depth with the storyline. To aid with this was also a "Shipyard" site, detailing all of the R2F ships.

So there were a lot of these new things constantly being introduced. There was always something to do. There was a good Command Staff, always working hard. Every one of them. Missions, so I hear, were also very cool. I had a lot of compliments, I still get them even today long after I had retired.

But once again, all good things must come to an end. Life turned into crap pie for me. I had to resign.

The Corran Horn Jr. Era

He was probably my worst decision ever. I recomended Corran over Bethan, which I really shouldn't have. That is when everything that was good in R2F turned into something very bad. Loose missions were released (buggy) and not everything seemed to go very smooth anymore. I can't say much about his time as Commander, as I wasn't there.

What I do know is he did a poor job.

Like a Fox, Licah Fox

Like the Fox he was, Licah took command of R2F. He did what any good CO would have, he cut the loose ends and took the R2F down from Fleet status. During my own time and Corran's, Windows XP was released. This gave a lot of TIE gamers a lot of trouble as the software was not yet compatable. This caused a truck load of inactivity and resignation.

So Licah brought it to the attention of HC, and Retribution Fleet became Retribution Wing.

Vender's Return

Yeah, I came back. Sometime in 2002. I tried to get R2F going again, but then I took command of IBG..I think.. and had to resign. I was still frustrated over Windows XP. A bad call on my part. I don't remember much about this time, except that it was not good.

Leonard Cable's Time

Now it was Cable's turn to take command. It must be about 2002, 2003 by this time. At first some missions were released, I'm guessing he was trying to gain some activity back. But then I think his activity dropped, which is probably why he isn't R2F Commander anymore. Leo, if you see this, you might want to write in an addition for yourself.

Bethan Leitbur

Bethan always wanted the Fleet. Now he has it. Now from what I can see of it.. He isn't doing anything with it. I don't know. Bethan, what the hell man?