Wildcard History

The History of Wildcard Squadron
originally by Sigurd Pillar
extended by Garrik "Face" Loran

The Rebel Squadrons was founded by Fleet Commander Super in approximately 1995. It started out as an AOL Message Board and then grew. Super recruited all sorts of "ragtag outcasts" as the body of the RS about one month before the X-Wing game was released (November 1995). After its release, Stealth Squadron (Mac Only) was created, under the command of BobaFett1a@aol.com. Stealth Squadron was expanded to Stealth Wing, and Delta Squadron, Ultra Squadron and Wildcard Squadron were created. Wildcard was formed as the "elite" squadron of Stealth Wing, under the command of WegAntilles@aol.com.

During this time, WegAntilles, with the help of AedisRS (who was not an RS member at the time), created the Verpine Tour of Duty. WegAntilles later created Rebel Operations, the first and only Mac X-Wing editor. With activity flourishing, Stealth Wing moved out of Redemption Fleet and became the Crusader Fleet, commanded by WegAntilles stationed aboard the RSS Kenobi. Admiral Super resigned as Fleet Commander, and Dialathos became Fleet Commander, and WegAntilles became RSXO. Shades1984 became Crusader Fleet CO, and RaptorFun (now Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris) became Fleet XO. The elite squadron of the RS was formed later, named Rogue Squadron, with Fleet Commander Dialathos as Rogue Leader, and WegAntilles as Rogue 3. At this time, the "best pilot the RS has ever seen" Greedo96 joined as Rogue 2.

Crusader Fleet became the most active fleet in the RS, but Shades1984 was forced to resign, leaving RaptorFun as CO, and Petr Margul became XO. At this time, FC Dialathos stepped down and MacMan McEwen became FC. Later WegAntilles stepped down as RSXO, and resigned from the RS. Petr Margul became CO of Crusader Fleet. Immediately after Petr became CO of Crusader Fleet, the RS's 3 X-Wing Fleets, Crusader, Liberation (non-AOL users), and Justice (PC X-Wing) merged together to form the Patriot Battle Fleet. Crusader Fleet became Crusader Wing, with Wildcard, Gold, and Silver Squadrons, with only Mac pilots.

Over time, Gold and Silver Squadrons began allowing PC pilots to join. Wildcard Squadron held on to its Mac only policy until there were only 5 active members left. Just after this time, FC MacMan McEwen stepped down, and Castor Efrata-Landis became FC. Two years later, Cris Null, Maarten, John Montresor, Ryteko Tavion, Garrik Loran, and Sigurd Pillar joined Wildcard Squadron. Less then a month later, SnappleGuy resigned as CO of Wildcard Squadron, and Kerian Halycon (of Red Squadron) becomes CO. Later, Garrik Loran becomes XO. Kerian also become Crusader Wing CO, and PBF CO. At this time, FC Castor stepped down, and Jack Stewart became FC. But due to computer troubles, Kerian was forced to resign from the RS, leaving GAdmiralRS as PBF CO, Slarty Bardfast as Crusader Wing CO, and Garrik Loran as Wildcard Squadron CO. FC Jack also resigned as was replaced by Dew as FC. Soon afterward Dew resigned cause of real life problems making Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris the FC.

Major Garrik Loran maintained his command up until November 2000, where an issue with multiple commands forced him to leave Wildcard CO. Randy Starkiller took the reigns of Wildcard for a short time before being marked AWOL. After a change in Fleet COs in the PBF, from Jorval to Slyder Mcgrath, Garrik Loran was once more in command in Wildcard Squadron. Wildcard increased in activity but still had never achieved a victory.

Through October and November of 2001 the PBF suffered a major drop in activity and members began going AWOL, or leaving. Silver and Stealth were disbanded and a third was being decided. Wildcard members began planning a move to the Intrepid Battle Group. After approval by the IBG CO that they would rename a squadron to Wildcard. Wildcard voluntarily disbanded and was moved to the IBG in December of 2001. Colonel Garrik Loran maintained his command of Wildcard.

In March of 2002, another incident with a Fleet CO caused Garrik Loran to lose his command once again. Garrik Loran was charged with insubordination and was removed from his command as punishment. Garrik Loran challenged the charge as being too harsh. This caused the Minister of Justice to launch an investigation. Before he could conclude the charge, the Fleet Commander got involved due to the fact that it was a Fleet CO being investigated. This had caused more issues to spring up, resulting in the IBG CO resigning before the issue was resolved. Upon resigning, the Fleet Executive Officer Han Suul, now Acting Commanding Officer reinstated Garrik Loran as Wildcard CO. The IBG received a new Fleet CO, Deltan Saviri and Wildcard was once again under the leadership of Garrik Loran.

Garrik Loran continues to command Wildcard in the IBG with Adam Fene as his XO and Harley "Jester" Quinn as the Second Officer.