Old Bylaws

The Rebel Squadrons Bylaws

The Rebel Squadrons Bylaws form the core of the fleet. Members of the Rebel Squadrons are required to adhere by these Bylaws to form a H.I.E.R. (Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect) organization. In October of 2002, the second major overhaul of the Bylaws resulted in today's Rebel Squadrons Bylaws.

The old Bylaws used from January 2000 to October 2002 are available for viewing here in the Archives. At the moment, Bylaws from prior to the first overhaul in January 2000 are unavailable. Records are still being researched to compile the First Bylaws for storage.

Rebel Squadrons Bylaws (January 2000 - October 2002): Rebel Squadrons Bylaws (1994 - January 2000):
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