The Rebel Squadrons is the biggest non-profit Rebel based Star Wars club on the internet. We are based on the Lucas Arts Star Wars Games, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, and Alliances. Primarily based in the United States, the Rebel Squadrons currently has over 1000 members spanning the globe from Alaska to Singapore, and from Hawaii to England. We have Squadrons that make and run custom Missions/Levels for all the Star Wars Lucas Arts games. In addition we also have sections for those that do not have the Games Such as the News Letter Department, Rebel Squadrons Imaging. ( the Graphics Department ), and Allegiance Wing ( The RS Roleplaying/Sim Section ).

To join the Rebel Squadrons academy please answer the following questions. So that we can mold our Academy program to you please answer all questions to the best of your ability.

What type of computer do you use ?

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If you have a Mac, are you familiar with file conversions from PC to Mac format?

If you have a Mac, can you receive, and deal with, PC Zip files?

How much time, per week - average - do you spend online?

Which ISP(s) do you use? (example - AOL 3.0, erols, together.net, etc.)

Do you have the ability to make Web Pages?

Do you have any graphic arts experience? If so please specify

What version of X-Wing do you own if any?

Are you familiar with running and or making "Custom" X-Wing Missions?

What version of TIE Fighter do you own if any?

Are you familiar with running and or making "Custom" TIE Missions?

Do you have the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter game?

Are you familiar with running and or making"Custom" XvT Missions?

Do you have the Dark Forces game?

Are you familiar with running and or making "Custom" DF Missions?

Do you have the Jedi Knights game?

Are you familiar with Loading and or making "Custom" Jedi Knights Levels?

Do you have the X-Wing Alliances game?

Are you familiar with running and or making "Custom" Alliances Missions?

Do you have any other Star Wars based computer games? If so specify....

Do you have any experience with "Simulation" based games (example - Space Wars SIM Forum, AD&D Online), or any other game where you have acted out the part of a fictional character?

How did you come to hear about, and join the RS?

If you own multiple Lucas Arts games, what if any preference do you have as to what section of the Academy you would like to join. *Note* if you pick one of the gaming sections you "must" own that game.

Optional:What is your approximate age?

Please include any other relevant information that you feel may help us tailor our program to you.


If you have problems submitting the above form, simply fill out the questions in email and send them to MacMan@rebelsquadrons.org

A personal Message from Admiral MacMan

Hey there ":)

I am Admiral Michael <MacMan> McEwen. I've been a member of the Rebel Squadrons going on three years now < I first joined the RS in June of 1996>. I must say that it has been a truely unique and fun experience for me. In the time  I have been a member, I have met many people across the world, some of which I am close personal friends with now. I have learned many things. Leadership skills and how to deal with people are a couple of fine examples. On top of that I have also learned allot about computers and the internet, such as how to make web pages. Most of this I owe to the Rebel Squadrons and its members. As a member of the RS it is in my sincere hopes that you to have the opportunity to experience the same joy/pride that the club has brought to me. Below is a summary of my career in the RS. . . .

Well now, lets see where I should begin. Hmm I suppose I should start from the beginning when I was first tried to join the Rebel Squadrons . . .

During the summer of 96, I discovered the existence of the Rebel Squadrons. I had been trying to join the RS for months by posting in the RS folder in the AOL Star Wars Fan Forum gaming board. I had never gotten any replies from anyone, so I had just about given up. In the meantime I had joined another club that was to be based on the up and coming release of XvT. After joining this club I was handed command of it because I was their most active member. This clubs name was "Jedi Storm". A few weeks after my taking command, the club's numbers had topped 50 members, and everything seemed to be advancing at a steady pace.

Then on June 15 1996 everything changed. I was in the SWFF cantina, when a person going under the AOL screen name of Shadowblen told me that the RS boards that I had been posting in to join were outdated. As it turns out he was a member of the RS. He directed me to the person I needed to mail to join, which I promptly did.

I waited a day or so, and then I was given email confirmation stating my placement in the club. I was so happy. My months of trying to get into the club were over, I had finally made it. I was placed in Green Squadron ( Green 12 to be exact ), under the command of Vice Admiral TL66l (now known as Green Squadron's DewKng).

The RS was allot different back then than it is now. At the time we were primarily based on the X-wing Lucas Arts game, though we had a small section running for Tie Fighter as well. There were no flight cadet or flight officer ranks at the time seeing that there was no academy, so I joined at the Rank of 2nd Lieutenant. Within a few weeks I had managed to recruit about 30 members for the club, not to mention I had become one of their most active members both in Email and on the posting boards. For that I was given a promotion to Captain ( skipping "1st Lt" ). Having been promoted in that first to weeks I believe is what drove me to be so devoted to the RS. After receiving that promotion I proceeded to go on a mass recruiting spree that netted the club another 30 - 40 members. In my random emails I had emailed the screen name "Matt101a1". This was probably one of the best mistakes I had ever made. Turns out that this Screen name was one of the alternate screen names belonging to FC Super, ( The RS Fleet Commander at the time ). He was rather impressed with my intuition in recruiting and devotion to the club, so he sent me an instant message on AOL. In our discussion I ended up telling him about the other club I was running (Jedi Storm). I inquired if it would be possible to bring them into the RS as a complete unit. He informed me that it wouldn't be a problem provided we conformed to the RS ranks and regulations. At this time I was so excited for the members of Jedi Storm. They were going to be a part of one of the biggest and best organizations on the internet, and I knew they were going to have fun . . .

After consulting with the High Command of Jedi Storm, it was growing rather apparent that they were more concerned about keeping their Admiralty ranks when joining the RS, rather than making sure that the members of the club would have fun. This display of arrogance greatly disturbed me. I could not understand how those that would call themselves leaders could put themselves before their members. I confronted my Executive Officer (2nd in command under me) about this fact. After the discussion it dawned upon me that he was only interested in rank as well. I didn't understand it, because rank was never a concern of mine, I didnt care what my rank was as long as I was having fun. So I made the choice to step down as Fleet Commander of Jedi Storm, so I could fully embrace my Captain Rank in the Rebel Squadrons. With my loyalties no longer with divided, I took with me the handful of devoted pilots that wished to follow me from Jedi Storm

At this time I was named Recruiting officer For Resurrection Wing/Phoenix Squadron, under the Command Of Commander RS Granith. This wing was quickly becoming one of the best Wings in the RS's Justice Fleet ( the old RS PC Xwing Fleet ). Unfortunately in time, both RS Granith and his XO Jedi Solus both went AWOL, so I was placed in command of Phoenix Squadron and Resurrection Wing.

Around the same time Fleet Commander Super had also become missing in action, and Rear Admiral Dialathos ( DaT for short ) had been elected to replace him as FC. First things First. DaT wanted to clean up the RS Roster that had been neglected for months by the former roster officer. They needed to give the roster position to someone that they could trust, someone who could keep it up to date. It was agreed that the job of managing the roster would be handed to me. I was given a promotion to Lt. Commander to go along with this new found position of "Roster Officer". When I got the Roster it was in complete shambles. Most of the Justice fleet roster was so outdated I decided to email the Fleet Commanding officer ( Fleet Admiral Cuptoman ) to see what was wrong. He voiced his fears to me that the Fleet had become inactive. Shortly there after he resigned due to an unrelated incident brought fourth by MTNLIONRC.

After Cuptoman stepped down, my worst fears were proven true. It turns out the entire Justice Fleet had been allowed to become inactive. The mighty Fleet had fallen. Only a handful of pilots remained out of the hundreds it had once had.. After careful consideration, It was decided that the fleet would be decommissioned. Its remaining members were consolidated, so that a new fleet could be formed. Of all the Wings and Squadrons in the Justice Fleet, only one Wing survived the debacle intact. That wing was Resurrection Wing lead by non other than myself.. Resurrection Wing Was placed in the Newly formed "Patriot Battle Fleet", along with "Provider Wing". I was given a Promotion to Full Commander for my outstanding job as Wing Leader.

Shortly after I was Named the RS "Recruiting Officer". I continued to recruit for the RS gaining countless members. I even finally convinced, Jedi Storm to join the RS. They Joined under the Name "Defenders of the Force" which was later named "Defense operations Fleet" now known as "Defense Operations Wing" ( part of the RgF ).

For all the hard work I had been doing I received promos, to Lt. Colonel, Colonel, then Brigadier General. I continued to recruit, continued to manage my wing (Which was up to 50 members) and continued to work on the roster. I was named executive officer of the Patriot Battle Fleet as well (under BANoble). Then one day the wierdest thing happened. . .

<<DialaThos: I need to start spending more time on real life projects... and no longer feel that I can

DialaThos: hold either the FC position, or the Rogue CO

DialaThos: Greedo 96 has already agreed to take over as Roge CO

DialaThos: but what this vote was SUPPOSSED to be about today was to vote on the new FC

DialaThos: to that end, I have a slightly unusual reccomendation to make

DialaThos: Simply put though, I believe this person to be THE most qualified in the RS (no offense to

DialaThos: any of you)

DialaThos: his qualifications in my mind are that

DialaThos: he has an apparently undying love for email, IMs, etc... which frankly is about 99% of

DialaThos: being FC

DialaThos: he also from his current jobs already has a good "business relationship" with Ronin, the AOL

DialaThos: club people, and other club leaders

DialaThos: he's online more than any HC member, and perhaps more prompt at getting to "things"

DialaThos: anyways... my reccomendation (and vote) is for MacManRS to be the next FC>>

Due to my not leading a fleet, My nomination didnt sit well with some of the members of the High Command ( especially BA Noble, who threw in his nomination to be named FC ). However, through majority decision "I" became The Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander. While I was FC, BA Noble eventually retired, and I took over the PBF Fleet Leader spot. I held both titles as for many months before I was finally forced to retire because of real life issues late October 1997. MTNLIONRC upon my reccomendation then was elected as my replacement.

The Problems that forced me to retire late 97 were elevated and I again rejoined the club January 1st 1998 reinstated at my former Brigadier General Rank. I continued where I left off devoting myself to the restructuring of the PBF which was on its last leg. I was named the PBF's third in command under Commodore Strider, and his XO Myk Ell. I restructured both the PBF roster (command structure), and finally built it its first page (which it had never had for over a year). After a few months (March 98) PBF Leader Commodore StriderRS went AWOL (his email account for AOL went inactive.) and never returned. The fleet was once again handed over to my command, and I once again became a member of the RS High Command.. I continued with my restructuring of the PBF, and implemented monthly CTOD's. (Competition based tour of duties). Through much work and effort with a promo to Lt General and then General in between, the PBF became one of the most stable and enjoyable fleets the RS had to offer.

Many months later due to the hard work and effort of myself, and all the members of the PBF, we still enjoyed the mantle of being the most dedicated Fleet in the RS. I was promoted to Rear Admiral skipping the rank of Commodore by unanimous vote of the RS High Command this is the only other RS rank that I have ever skipped besides 1st Lt.

Having achieved the rank of Vice Admiral,  and now Admiral I still lead the PBF to this day.


Admiral MacMan


Member of the Rebel Squadrons High Command

Rebel Squadrons First Officer

Patriot Battle Fleet: Commanding Officer

      Gold Leader


Rebel Squadrons an H.I.E.R.* Organization

*(Honor, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)


{ ||U|| } - Kessel Kup

{ -oo- } - Golden Eyes

{ \-/ } - RgF Silver Eye

{ -- o -- } - Eye of The Jedi

{ <O> } - CoR Diamond Sun

(MoA) - EH Medal of Allegiance

{ *PBF* } - PBF Medal of Excellence

{ |--->|| } - Gray-Alpha Tour 1 Champion

{ ~||@||~ } (x2) - X-Wing Master Cadet Medal w/Honors

{ ~!*!@!*!~} - Academy Medal of Excellence 2 Bars

{ ~X@X~ } - X-Wing Combat Tactics - Mine Racer

{ <!!!!!> } - RS Excellency of Service Medal