Ancient Websites

The Rebel Squadrons Portal

The Portal takes you to places preserved in time for public viewing. These places show how much the Rebel Squadrons has changed since the 1990s.

Ancient Rebel Squadrons websites:

  • Old Red Squadron Stuff (PBF)
    Red Squadron used to be a squadron in PBF was deactivated recently. Their webpage may also be found here.

  • Crusader Fleet (ca. 1996-1997)
    Crusader Fleet was merged into the Patriot Battle Fleet in 1997. It consisted of pilots flying X-Wing using a Macintosh.

  • Silver Squadron (PBF) (ca. 1996-1997)
    Silver Squadron was once part of the Provider Wing in the Patriot Battle Fleet along with Grey and Sabre Squadrons. All three have been disbanded due to lack of activity.

  • Join the Rebel Squadrons (ca. 1996-1997)
    Old recruitment page used by the Rebel Squadrons for new applicants.

  • Minos Center Page (ca. 1998)
    Former command center for the Rebel Squadrons and Emperor's Hammer in the Minos Cluster Conflict.

  • Rebellion Images, Inc. (June 1998)
    A project by the Rebel Squadrons and the Imperial Image Organization, established by the Emperor's Hammer, to create computer-generated images for the Outer Rim War command center.

  • Outer Rim War Page (ca. 2001)
    Former command center for the First Outer Rim War.

  • Outer Rim War II Page (ca. 2002)
    Former command center for the Second Outer Rim War.

  • Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander (March 2001)
    The office of Fleet Admiral Dave Trebonious-Astoris during his term as Fleet Commander.

  • Retribution Fleet Shipyard (ca. 2002)
    Created by Rear Admiral Adam Fene for the then-Retribution Fleet.

  • Grey Squadron (August 2002)
    Grey Squadron.

  • Rebel Squadrons Multimedia (November 2002)
    A Rebel Squadrons division dedicated to creating computer-generated images for the fleet that became Atlantis Industries.

  • Celestial Fury (ca. 2004)
    Former command center for the Celestial Fury conflict.

  • Atlantis Industries (Unknown)
    New home for the Rebel Squadrons Multimedia, now closed.

  • The Map (Unknown)
    A recently discovered old map project accounting for all known systems in the Outer Rim.