Historical Members

Ever wondered what current RS members were like when they had just joined? Here's your chance to find out. From the logs of longtime RSer Dave Trebonious-Astoris, these are a few choice moments frozen in time.

If you want to see if a log exists of your first day in the B&G, e-mail FA Dave Trebonious-Astoris.

Fleet Admiral Rahj Tharen (former RSFC and RSXO)
You’d never know by looking at him, but the first time Rahj came in the B&G he said nothing at all, slapped himself, and then signed off! See for yourself:

Session Start: Thu Jun 03 16:10:51 1999

*** Rahj has joined #rs_bar_and_grill
* Sair gets his shotgun out
<Orian> Lookout! 
* Orian dives behind an innocent table
*** BigDaddy is now known as RS_Kino
* `Dave shrugs and returns his attention to the B&G
* Orian rises and fires a pair of shots at the droid before ducking again.
* Kazoo watches the shots strike W
<Orian> ...on no, you shot W! You bastard!
*** RS_Kino is now known as BigDaddy
<Sair> as long as he doesn't hump W......
<`Dave> Bah, doesn't matter what happens to that W. Its just a clone. The orginal W died long ago.
<Orian> Oh?
<`Kaz> Yes..
<Orian> So if this clone dies then we just clone it too?
<`Kaz> Dave killed him
<Orian> Dave killed W!?
<`Kaz> You see, W stole a slug....
<`Dave> Yeah. A group of us got fed up and executed him. Hung him. 
* OBM_Mav is back: from -(food)- gone -(9mins 52secs)-
*** RS_Alexio is now known as GA_Vaca
<Orian> ...gee...
*** `DireWolf has joined #rs_bar_and_grill
*** W sets mode: +o `DireWolf
<`Dave> He was swaying back and forth and the end of a rope for quite awhile
*** BigDaddy is now known as RS_Kino
<Kazoo> meep meep! Dire!
<Orian> ...man.
<`Kaz> Hey Dire
<Orian> Meep meep?
<`Dave> wb Dire
<`DireWolf> hey
<Orian> Howdy DW.
<GA_Vaca> Hehehe
<GA_Vaca> I am Grand Admiral Vaca
<`Dave> marvelous
<`Dave> And let me introduce you to his excellency, Supreme Commandant W.
<Orian> I am 2nd Lieutennant Orian. :P
<Kazoo> I am Kazoo
<Kazoo> Bow to Kazoo!
<GA_Vaca> Hellp Supreme Commandant W
* CMTopDawg bows to Kazoo
<GA_Vaca> *hello*
* Orian throws a bow to Kazoo
* Kazoo shaves TD's head as he bows
*** LinkRS has quit IRC (To Live Is To Die... Mac's Boyz ®)
*** LinkRS has joined #rs_bar_and_grill
*** Orian is now known as OrianAWAY
<`Kaz> Why can't he be a normal droid...
<Sair> because he belongs to you?
* CMTopDawg already has a shaved head =P
* Kazoo wheels over and detatches Sair's legs
* Rahj slaps Rahj around a bit with a large trout
<Sair> ow
<Sair> give me those legs back!
* Kazoo attatches the legs to Sair's ears
<Sair> >:|
*** Rahj has left #rs_bar_and_grill

Admiral Shikkie Kaaran (former RSXO and RSIO)
How much did Shik know about flight sims when he was new?

Session Start: Tue Jun 29 14:34:24 1999

*** shik-XW is now known as shikkie
* shikkie is back in da house...
<`Nil> hi
<`Nil> Dave
<shikkie> damn w-wings suck
<`Nil> ?
<`Dave> hey Nil
<`Kaz> What's a w-wing
<shikkie> err y not w
<`Nil> I like V Wings my self
<shikkie> lol
<`Nil> and XWs
<`Kaz> heh beware the musical ships!
<`Kaz> hehehe
<`Nil> :)
<`Kaz> That quit's funny..
<shikkie> ;-)
<`Nil> well Ill bbl
<`Dave> isn't it? :P
<`Nil> ":)
<`Dave> later Nil
<`Kaz> I'm afraid of the band guy...
<`Kaz> He might hit me with a tuba
*** `Nil has quit IRC (Leaving)
<`Dave> lol. Can't you just see the marching band beating down on the football team?
*** [FF]Vidar has joined #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL
<`Kaz> I got hit with a lyre a few times
<`Kaz> Those hurt enough
<`Dave> LOL
*** EX-Away has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** ^Myst has quit IRC (RS IRC(v2.0) by Blaster and Teke Daggerscout)
*** [FF]Vidar has left #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL
< shikkie> yawn
< shikkie> I realized that the Y-Wing lasers suck
<`Dave> why is that?
<`Kaz> Actually they're spaced great
<`Dave> yeah.  kills TF's real nice and quick like
< shikkie> it only the 2
<`Kaz> so?
< shikkie> well i didnt manage to kill any
< shikkie> lol
< shikkie> more my skill thats off than the lasers
*** Eliastra has quit IRC (Leaving)
< shikkie> but im mad :-)
<`Kaz> All the 4 laser ships miss a lot
*** DireWolf has joined #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL
*** W sets mode: +o DireWolf
<`Dave> heh
<`Kaz> Unless you're right there
<`Dave> hey Dire
<shikkie> can you use the ion cannos against ties and get points for it?

Colonel Cay-Qel "Pyro" Jade

Session Start: Sat Jun 22 14:42:44 2002

<Cay-Qel> Shik came onto me a month or so ago.....very creepy.....

Commodore Leonard Cable

Session Start: Mon Mar 22 17:47:53 1999

*** RS_LCable has joined #RS_Bar_and_Grill
<RS_LCable> hmm ho de dum de do
* RS_LCable slaps WS_Rich around a bit with a large trout

<IronManRS> Sometimes I feel..........like a Motherless Child.
<RS_LCable> that was very...moving, IM

Rear Admiral Harley Quinn

Session Start: Sat Nov 25 22:48:18 2000

* `Davery dances around
*** W sets mode: +o `Davery
<D_Jester> what do i put for application used to perform action. ie open
<`Dy-semi> Dave!!
<Glytch_> Hit "Browse".
<Glytch_> Do you use Winzip or Winrar or something similiar?
<`Davery> Dylor! :P
* `Dy-semi climbs up Dave's leg. :P
* `Davery picks up Dylor and sets him on his shoulders
<D_Jester> ??
<Arill> I've received offers from Wraith and Slayer
<Glytch_> What did it do before when you double-clicked a zip file?
<D_Jester> the wife said it gave her a menu asking what to open it with. she just clicked the first thingon it

Lieutenant Colonel Orian LaCarde

Session Start: Thu Jul 30 20:57:35 1998

<Orian4XvT> I was having problems with Logan and it went downhill from there.
<Orian4XvT> Wanna ping me, Raptor?
<_John_> Heh heh
<_John_> That sounded funny
<Orian4XvT> How 'bout I ping you, John?

Commodore Richard Gross
Rich unwittingly makes a rather adult joke upon entering the B&G in his early days..

Session Start: Wed Nov 12 18:24:10 1997

<VPO_Rich> Hi.
<RS_Defcon> Hey
<RS_Defcon> Are you RS?
<VPO_Rich> no, In the EH and GF
<VPO_Rich> Might leave the EH though.

Brigadier General Nichos Katran

<Nichos> can somebody tell me somethon?i just signed up and was wondering when i get my first mission?
<DaganSg> heh.. before we were short on EHers in Minos.. now we're short on RSers
<RS_Mairin> hehehe.
<DaganSg> Nichos; What did you sign up for ?
<LCM-Lsoda> what did you sign up for?
<RS_Mairin> I'd fly for you, but I don't have the game. :P
<RS_Nalpak> signed up for which part of RS?
<LCM-Lsoda> RgF, PBF, R2F, RSCD?
<Nichos> RSCD and uuumm which one is for X-wing?
<RS_Nalpak> PBF
<LCM-Lsoda> PBF
<LCM-Lsoda> someone will contact you
<Nichos> okay thanx
*** RSIronMan has left #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL
<LCM-Lsoda> Ah....
<LCM-Lsoda> My greatness has once again been proved
<DaganSg> Nichos; If you're in the X-Wing Academy, what's your email address ?
*** EtE has joined #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL
<EtE> Dang Earthlink
<RS_Raptor> Speaking of contacting people, anybody in here have TroyNexus' email addy?
* Carlos_De is about to fall asleep....
<EtE> yep
<RS_Mairin> I do.
<Carlos_De> its been a loooonnnnggg day.
<EtE> troynexus@hotmail.com
<RS_Mairin> TroyNexus@hotmail.com
<RS_Raptor> Oh yeah, forgot to add on the "can I have it part" :P
*** TheFurbal has quit IRC (Ping timeout for TheFurbal[1Cust7.tnt2.adelanto.ca.da.uu.net])
<RS_Mairin> lol.
<RS_Raptor> Thanx Smiley and Mairin. 
<EtE> Anytime :P
<RS_Mairin> no probs.
<Nichos> my address is jedi_skywalker@starwarsfan.zzn.com
<RS_Raptor> um, okay. :P
*** `Hal has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Nichos> you get that dagan
<DaganSg> Nichos; You should have a copy of the X-Wing Academy NL then...
<RS_Nalpak> Nichos:  you were on the list for this week's NL.  If it hasn't arrived.. Corran Fogg had that problem
too. <DaganSg> "Nichos Katran" <jedi_skywalker@starwarsfan.zzn.com>, <Nichos> yea that's it <Nichos> i'm creating my bio right now *** FenrisUlf has joined #RS_Bar_and_Grill <RS_Nalpak> I smell an e-mail sending stuff up. <DaganSg> And now to the new Cadets for this week: <DaganSg> Cdt. Nichos Katran - jedi_skywalker@starwarsfan.zzn.com <DaganSg> Cdt. Fordj - fordj@amigo.net <DaganSg> Cdt. Spirit - XvSpiritxV@aol.com/ <DaganSg> Cdt. Diamond - phoquee6@hotmail.com <DaganSg> Cdt. Ace - adam_shelp@mailcity.com <DaganSg> Cdt. Jocc Starline - PatsFan96@aol.com <DaganSg> Does that tell you X-Wing is not dead ? ;-) <LCM-Lsoda> the problem with certain email servers is that some mail often can arrive several days late <DaganSg> haha <FenrisUlf> Hey Dagan...do me a favor. :P <Nichos> oh okay <DaganSg> Fenris; Resign from the Academy <LCM-Lsoda> I once had a 4 day delay between my old isp and Hotmail <DaganSg> ;-) <FenrisUlf> No! <DaganSg> You AWOL son of a bitch <LCM-Lsoda> from AOL to Hotmail is around 20 mins <FenrisUlf> It's not my fault I can't find my CD. :P <LCM-Lsoda> if you use email forwarding, it can take longer <RS_Raptor> Heh, I love how we have several different conversations going on at once... <RS_Mairin> off to bed. <LCM-Lsoda> welcome to IRC <RS_Mairin> Bye gang. <RS_Mairin> Good luck. :) <RS_Nalpak> Bye mairin <LCM-Lsoda> you 2 AMer you, Mairin <DaganSg> Nichos; If you don't get a copy of the NL within a few hours, come back on IRC, and I'll send you a copy <Nichos> see ya <RS_Raptor> heh, G'night Mairin, thanks for cheering for us tonight! :) <Carlos_De> Dagan, the original X-Wing will never die. <Nichos> uh okay it's 9:40 right now <DaganSg> BTW, the next few XWA TOD2 missions shall be interesting ;-) <Carlos_De> see ya Mairin. <Hazen> l8r Mairin <DaganSg> like the first half of the TOD 2 that I wrote ;D *** RS_Cody has joined #RS_BAR_AND_GRILL *** RS_Mairin has quit IRC (Self worth scattered self esteem's a bore I long since moved to a higher plateau... I'm
happy being sad) *** SASuperRS has quit IRC (Ping timeout for SASuperRS[]) <DaganSg> RS-12 EH-2 <<= That is such a sad sight... <RS_Nalpak> 207 was interesting enough.. I failed, and still racked up a very good score :) <Nichos> i'm trying to get a friend to join right now <Nichos> already got one <Nichos> one left <DaganSg> Nichos; Good work :D <Nichos> thanx <Nichos> i still have other friends <RS_Raptor> Nichos could join the CRA. :P <Nichos> all star wars <DaganSg> <RS_Cody> RS_Cody(Z) vs EH_DhaRmY(X) 4 to 2 RS Wins <DaganSg> <EH_DhaRmY> I concur with that statement :) <DaganSg> whoa! :D <Nichos> so i'll try to get them as well <DaganSg> Nichos; You're the man :D <EtE> Heya Hazy which company should i go into Red or Green? :P <DaganSg> Nichos; Where did you first hear about the RS ? <LCM-Lsoda> 13-2 <LCM-Lsoda> MY GOD <LCM-Lsoda> I've never seen it this bad *** Hazen changes topic to 'Minos Has Begun: RS-13 | EH-2 | Ties-0 Jinx, this one's for you.' <RS_Raptor> Go for the mixture. Purple <Carlos_De> do Green, EtE. We rock! <DaganSg> !results 16-28 RS-death vs EH Dave X vs X EH wins <EtE> hah Carlos :P <Hazen> LOL <DaganSg> haha <Nichos> uum in yahoo clubs from gavin phalon he is in a club of mine <RS_Raptor> Death lost? dude <DaganSg> 13 -3 *** RS_Raptor changes topic to 'Minos Has Begun: RS-13 | EH-3 | Ties-0 Jinx, this one's for you.' <DaganSg> EH_Dave vs. RS_Raptor <DaganSg> Go Dave :D <EtE> Good Luck Rap <LCM-Lsoda> kill em dead <RS_Raptor> Dude, it's a Dave vs a Dave!!!!! <DaganSg> haha.. Dave figured out the joke :P * Carlos_De starts rootin'. <Nichos> a friend might come asking about RS so could you guys explain it to him? his nick is talon <RS_Raptor> You wanna root for me? Just rock n roll, thats all I need... <DaganSg> Nichos; Tell him to come in here ;-) <Nichos> hold on

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